Founder & CEO, Terri L. Bell

Hello Kingdom Builders!  I am SUPER-EXCITED about what God has planned for his littlest believers, our children!  The real truth is that we are not getting any younger and before you know it, we will be sitting on the sidelines while our children and grandchildren carry on the legacy of our lives.

What is that legacy?  We are children of the Lord Most High, a royal priesthood and only what we do for Christ will last.  I want to pour out everything I know about our awesome God into the lives of His children. There is a great need in the earth to accomplish this task. We don't want to lose one little soul for Christ before He comes back.  This is the assignment...

I began writing for young children several years ago. I've worked with families and young children for over 30 years and I love them with all of my heart.  From the youngest; taking up rest in its mother's womb, to the oldest; stumbling through life trying to find his/her way, I am in love with all things children!  I was quite surprised when God graced me with the pen of a ready writer and then charged me to establish the Kingdom Kids Foundation so we can use the message of His love to evangelize and empower young children!  Very recently, I accepted the call of Evangelist! No one was surprised but me. If you are a Kingdom Citizen and you love children like Jesus has commanded us to do, come along and join me on this amazing journey to save, rescue, equip, encourage and empower young children to be who God has called them to be in the earth... "Kingdom Kids" indeed! We are all commissioned...Let's go!                                                                   

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